"Originally released in 1976, Cocktail Bar was the first release of the Modern Sound Quartet ensemble lead by Oscar Rocchi, one of the most brilliant yet unrecognized composer of the library music era. As the title might already suggest, the 14 songs bring an incredibly fresh mix of sounds and flavors, each one named after a different spirit, with every single track floating around different soundscapes and atmospheres. Whether it be a gin & tonic poolside, a melancholic drink of Strega on the hills of southern Italy or some Kümmel by a Dutch canal, this masterpiece has got something for every taste. Now available on vinyl for the first time since its original release as a limited edition of 500 copies."

A1. Gin (Rocchi)
A2. Chartreuse (Cappellotto)
A3. Kirsh (Verardi)
A4. Vodka (Verardi)
A5. Rum (Cappellotto)
A6. Curacao (Rocchi)
A7. Maraschino (Rocchi)
B1. Whisky (Verardi)
B2. Pernod (Verardi)
B3. Kummel (Rocchi)
B4. Strega (Rocchi)
B5. Bitter (Cappellotto)
B6. Genepy (Verardi)
B7. Vov (Cappellotto)

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