Limited Stock! 'Library Of The Occult presents the most stately, sinister synth workout you'll hear all year. a rescore to the classic M.R James tale 'The Ash Tree' composed by Renato Montenegro under his 'Missionary Work' alias. An absolutely beautiful record - it simply reeks of pitch-black Suffolk nights and windswept churchyards'

The Ash Tree
Directed by Lawrence Gordon Clark
Written by M.R. James and David Rudkin

A Rescore by Missionary Work

All songs by Renato Montenegro

Drums on "Scaffold Rites for Mistress Mothersole" by Renato Montenegro

Voiceover on "Scaffold Rites for Mistress Mothersole" by Doug Chapman

Featuring the Sortitio Chorum on "Sortilege I — Isaiah 13:20", "Sortilege II — Luke 13:9", and "Sortilege III — Job 39:30"
Carrie Furniss
Lira Mondal
Meg Reilly
Chris Talbot

Featuring the Missionary Work Tabernacle Choir on "Thou Shalt Seek Me in the Morning..." and "...And I Shall Not Be"
Max Bowman
Meyer Brown
Freddy Carrie Cruiser
Noell Dorsey
Carrie Furniss
Tyler Gorman
Sarabeth Linden
Lira Mondal
Renato Montenegro
Brendan Radigan
Lou Rebecca
Meg Reilly
Coco Roy
Chris Talbot
Greg Witz
Trevor Vaughan

  • Limited 180g Ash Tree Marble Vinyl

01. Praeludium 02:06
02. Sir Richard and the Ash Tree 03:31
03. The Kindly Dr. Croome (Pestilence Pastorale) 03:38
04. Scaffold Rites for Mistress Mothersole 05:55
05. A Ponderous Walk by the Treeline 02:40
06. Sortilege I — Isaiah 13:20 02:15
07. A Friend and Architect 02:18
08. Lady Augusta's Minuet 03:21
09. Sortilege II — Luke 13:9 02:44
10. Thou Shalt Seek Me in the Morning... 05:31
11. ...And I Shall Not Be 02:01
12. Sortilege III — Job 39:30 02:43

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