Doxy present Michel Legrand's original soundtrack for Eva, directed by Joseph Losey and released in 1962. Michel Legrand, the so-called Mozart of the new wave cinema, was made fully aware that he was actually the director's second choice for Eva's soundtrack. Joseph Losey originally wanted Miles Davis for the project. But Legrand's beautifully constructed jazz score serves as a perfect complement to the charismatic images of the film's Venetian setting. The main character's love of jazz music is reflected within Legrand's score. The film also contains two Billie Holiday tracks "Willow Weep For Me" and "Loveless Love". "Adam & Eve" features vocals by Tony Middleton. A fascinating and musically rich score, one of those European '60s soundtracks that simply shouldn't be missed. Edition of 500.

A1. Adam & Eve (Theme Song) (Tony Middleton Introduction)
A2. Main Title
A3. At The Bar
A4. Water Ski
A5. One Morning In Roma
A6. Willow Weep For Me
A7. Eve's Room
A8. Tivian Visits Eve
B1. Eve & Tivian
B2. Eve & Francesca
B3. Eve, Francesca & Tivian
B4. A Hotel In Venice
B5. The Wedding
B6. Dumped Tivian
B7. Loveless Love (Billie Holiday Epilogue)
B8. Finale

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