Up until now, Michel Gonet's Phasing News Volume 2 transcends the "library" genre. This is a record that has always been so hot on secondary markets. And it's easy to hear why! It's a big French library classic with high demand. Opening with "Mondial Scoop (Number III)", it continues on from where the dramatic tracks of Phasing News Volume 1 left off. The group of "Phasing Percussions" get under your skin, sample material for days here. "Phasing Leitmotive A" and "Phasing Leitmotive B" hypnotise with their analogue synth loops. Yet it's "Phasing March", closing out the side, that is absolutely sensational. Timpani drums merge with open breaks making for an irresistible neck-snapping tour de force. Side B starts with "Devil Dance A", an unbelievably infectious bass instrumental whilst "Devil Dance B" adds more percussion and bass flourishes and is all the more funky for it. And now for the main event. "Flower Dance A" is an instantly captivating, sparkling keys loop and glittering percussion neatly arranged atop a very strong bassline and drums, all lean and potent. The melody was lifted wholesale by The Soulsavers for "Rumblefish" back in 2002 and you can't really blame them. "Flower Dance B" removes the bassline for a lighter feel but that loop still burrows inside your brain. "Happy Smith (Number II)" was used by Madlib for Erykah's "My People" (!!!) whilst the set closes out with a group of tense, phased workouts. The audio for Phasing News Volume 2 has been remastered by Be With regular Simon Francis, ensuring this release sounds better than ever. Cicely Balston's expert skills have made sure nothing is lost in the cut whilst the original, iconic Tele Music house sleeve has been restored here at Be With HQ as the finishing touch to this long overdue re-issue.

A1. Mondial Scoop (Number III) (2:04)
A2. Phasing Percussions A (2:23)
A3. Phasing Percussions B (1:41)
A4. Phasing Percussions C (1:27)
A5. Phasing Percussions D (1:59)
A6. Phasing Leitmotive A (2:40)
A7. Phasing Leitmotive B (1:10)
A8. Phasing March (2:07)
B1. Devil Dance A (2:31)
B2. Devil Dance B (2:30)
B3. Flower Dance A (2:42)
B4. Flower Dance B (1:08)
B5. Happy Smith (Number II) (1:14)
B6. Phasing Cymbals (1:56)
B7. Phasing Winds (0:51)
B8. Phasing Suspense A (1:46)
B9. Phasing Suspense B (1:23)

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