The Devil’s Candy is a kick ass heavy metal horror film delving deep into satanic horror directed by Sean Byrne (The Loved Ones) Jesse, a struggling artist, moves with his wife and daughter into their dream house in rural Texas, the price driven down by the property’s dark past. Their lives soon begin to unravel as the demonic forces lurking in the house take hold of the young family. Jesse’s paintings take a satanic turn while the family is plagued by Ray, the deranged son of the former owners. Soon it becomes clear that Jesse and Ray are both being influenced by the same dark forces and that Jesse and his family aren’t safe from its former inhabitants or indeed from the devil himself.

Michael Yezerski’s incredible score takes its cues from heavy metal but delves far deeper into the underground, offering up semi industrial soundscapes interlaced with piercing guitars and tonal attacks that would make Sun O))) proud. It’s intense, focused, raw and scary as all hell.

01. The Flying V
02. Candy From A Baby
03. Ray Checks In
04. The Swing
05. Murder/Paint
06. The Dilemma
07. The Churge
08. The Special One
09. The Dream
10. Mara Calls
11. Back To School
12. Zoe Unbound
13. Gas Can
15. Out For The Count
16. Consumed By Fire
17. The Jump
18. The Circle

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