“If time travel is possible, where are the tourists from the future?”
Stephen Hawkin, A Brief History of Time

Welcome to the future, presented to you in the present. Meridian Arc guides you through the celestial dimensions of beyond our space and time through the textural waves of sound and distant planetary pulses. Cosmic excursions that bend the spectrum of colors to create a bridge to sonic temples in the galaxy far far away.

Timelapse is a contemporary sci-fi exploration. What Meridian Arc creates is a tapestry of sonic exploration that pays tribute to komische music ala Ashra Temple and Tangerine Dream filtered through the modern advancements of cellar dwelling electronic deviant underground. Timelapse stands firmly in its own spacesuit though and eclipses any direct nod by staying truly cinematic in its scope.

Two Headed Dog is proud to present a special edition of this relic from the future. The exclusive aspect is 25 numbered copies with O-cards printed on brushed metal foil paper and j-cards on grey paper stock.

01. Pulse 01:27
02. Rotating 03:57
03. Observer 02:47
04. The Way Home 05:05
05. Distant Signals 02:54
06. Sleep 02:50
07. First Encounter 02:41
08. Abyss 04:40
09. The Hall 05:06

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