Matt Akers has crafted the perfect soundtrack for an imagined police procedural slasher film based on the Original Night Stalker. “Rage” was birthed from Akers obsession with reading about the serial killer, “The Original Night Stalker” and his love of slasher and police films. Akers took a stripped down approach when making “Rage”, using only a few analog synths and a drum machine to write and pace it out like a film soundtrack. Some of the same synth patches play out through the various tracks to form cohesion between them and to present varying moods throughout the record; slow brooding dark synth at one end to high tempo Italo-disco police chase tracks. “Rage” contains 14 tracks of original music and clocks in at just under 42 minutes.

  • Limited edition pressing of 300 on opaque Red vinyl

01. Rage
02. 39A In Progress
03. Kill Kit
04. Bad Juju
05. Hunting Ground
06. Hot Prowl
07. Peeper
08. I Will Find You
09. Escalation
10. Urge To Kill
11. The Original Night Stalker
12. Clock Is Ticking
13. Pursuit
14. Into Thin Air

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