Masaru Sato, who worked at Toho Studios under the legendary Fumio Hayasaka, composed this chilling score for Akira Kurosawa's 1957 masterpiece based heavily on traditional Japanese music, especially influenced by Noh dramas. Limited edition first press of 500 copies on white vinyl.

  • 2016 Repress

A1. "The Throne of Blood" Titles
A2. War Drum
A3. Light
A4. Rush
A5. Old Woman of the Straw Hat (Unused)
A6. It Strangely Disappears
A7. Ancient Battlefield
A8. Wandering in Fog
A9. Fireside
A10. Disturbing Coincidence
A11. Northern Castle
A12. Hunting Contest
B1. Provocation-Separation
B2. Prisoner of Delusion
B3. Promotion
B4. Horrid Feeling
B5. Crazed Dance
B6. Confused Position
B7. Line of Great Lords at the Funeral
B8. Entry of the War Castle
B9. Conception (Original Version)
B10. To Its Strange Cause (Unused)
B11. Phantom Warrior
B12. The Great Army Comes
B13. Great Army 1 (Tympani)
B14. A Sign
B15. Spiderhand Forest Moves 2
B16. "The Throne of Blood" Ending

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