The first ultimate nihilism left by the golden combination of Okamoto Kihachi and Sato Masaru is here! The sword of ruin of Japan's era of dramatic history, "Majusatso Pass" first CD alone The incomplete epic story "large bodhisattva pass" which was made into a movie one after another in the late 1950s. Among the visualized works, a monster that has a staggering ambience, a 1968 Okamoto Kihachi director's version "Large Bodhisattva Pass" was made the first CD! In overseas, it is a cult style popularity in the title of "Sword of Doom" This work that boasts of this work, the humid atmosphere and madness floating in the whole film has transformed it into a psycho horror too much to call this work as a historical drama! "Director Guillermo del Toro of" Pacific Rim "also , Marvel Comics original "Blade 2" (2002) dedicated a homage to this work. Director Hideaki Amano of "Evangelion" is also known as an enthusiastic fan, "Man who can take the most enjoyable movie in Japan" Okamoto Kihachi, the music is Masaru Sato, who also worked on the original guard "Bouncer", "Yang" and "Sun" Although it is a name combination, the soundtrack is finished in a jet black movie music as if their dark side erupted. This time we also decided to master the treasure from the original 6 mm master tapes. In addition to all the sound sources used in the main story "big bodhisattva pass", the very decision board which recorded all existing things such as unused take!

01. Main Title ~ Majin Soushe Pass
02. Elder pilgrimage slashing
03. Beach visit 
04. Man's martial arts, female manipulation
05. Votive match
06. Squatting eyes 
07. Removed shape 
08. Death of Bunnojo 
09. Returning 
10. Fumihisa 2 years 
11. Living or Dying 
12. To break that stance ... 
13. Matsubo 
14. Nostalgia's Shakuhachi
15. Love for pine 
16. Father's Will
17. Bamboo shoot play 
18. Furious and Ambush
19. Qihe Raider 
20. Shinada Toranosuke 
21. Scary of Ryunosuke 
22. Give me sake
23. Letter form 
24. Nightmare 
25. Omote death
26. Kyo no Machi 
27. Reunion 
28. Ghost of the Midori 
29. Wind of the Majin Soushe Pass 
30. Voices of sentient beings A
31. Seductive sentient beings
32. Finish without end
33. Japanese Taiko of Mitake Shrine (BONUS TRACKS)
34. This is Shimabara (Wakaku) (BONUS TRACKS)
35. This is Shimabara No. 2 (Wakaku) (BONUS TRACKS)
36. Voices of sentient beings B (BONUS TRACKS)
37. Death Battle of Snowstorm ("Red Beard" - Reverse Rotation Music of Completed Song "Musume") (BONUS TRACKS)

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