A masterpiece of Samurai Western "Kill" (1968), a masterpiece that can not suppress the excitement even if no response to the emergence of Western-style songs and samurai that resounds at a high level from the first second of the main volume, is the long-awaited first CD after long-awaited! Anno Hideaki of "Evangelion" is also known as an enthusiastic fan, "Man who can take the most enjoyable movie in Japan" Okamoto Kihachi, the music is based on the name combination of "Yo" and "Yang" that Masaru Sato also worked on the original guy "Bodyguard", Samurai Western sound sound of vibrant Western dramatic music development board name soundtrack! We also made mastering from the original 6 mm master tapes of treasure this time as well. "Kill" In addition to all the sound sources used in the main part, the very decision board which recorded all existing things such as unused take!

01. Main title "Kill" 
02. Hanzaburo Tabata, Ritsuko
03. An old lady, a messy ......! 
04. Those who disturb prey 
05. Samurai who interferes prey 
06. Castle Old Basket Basket 
07. Castle royal death assassination 
08. The site of the rikka two months ago 
09. Same as two years ago 
10. Just betting gambling 
11. Seno's Fear 
12. Arrive at Shishiyama 
13. What is frightening is inner trouble 
14. Kota, move 
15. Sneak 
16. Betrayal and a woman 
17. Do you want to kill? 
18. Sleepless Chino 
19. A woman smelling the earth 
20. Kota and Hanjiro 
21. Raid 
22. The truth of the Samurai 
23. Rescue 
24. Kota and Zero 
25. To Gota 
26. At the End of Torture
27. Liquor and woman 
28. Old age Ayase Shinomiya 
29. Ronin, Shita! 
30. Ayizawa Yashiki 
31. Pouring rain 
32. Main title "Kill" (take1) (BONUS TRACKS)
33. Castle rooster's basket (take1) (BONUS TRACKS)
34. Castle royal death assassination (take 1) (BONUS TRACKS)
35. The site of the riot before February (take 1) (BONUS TRACKS)
36. Woman who smells soil (take 1) (MONO) (BONUS TRACKS)
37. Rescue (take 1) (BONUS TRACKS)
38. Sake and woman (take 1) (BONUS TRACKS)
39. Dumbbell (BONUS TRACKS)

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