West or East, South or North? Even if you go anywhere Hanatsumami! "Independent God Fleet" "Independent God Fleet To the West" will be commercialized for the first time alone!

"Independent gang fight" and "Independent gang fight west to" went from CD to Toho · war movie series that Japan boasts of world finally to CD in two sets!
Directed by "Shin · Godzilla" but enthusiastic respect Kihachi Okamoto . Music is Mr. Masaru Sato who has been handling kihachi work from the same year throughout his lifetime! Despite being a masterpiece of both works, although it is a masterpiece work of both, until now it has never been realized as a single soundtrack 2 The work revives greatly with the first full song digital remastering of course, of course, it collects a number of first public sound sources including the unreleased take of "Godunate march", etc, and once questioning, "Human life is heavier than the earth Or light? "

01. Main title
02. Tomi's grief ~ Captain's captain
03. Disturbing eyes I ~ Disturbing eyes II
04. Reunion with Tomi 
05. Old soldier will not die, only disappears?
06. To the Gods and Gang! ~ Creeping Shadow
07. Araki = Okubo 
08. Directions of bean danuki
09. Encounter with God Fleet
10. Okubo apprentice officer 's heart ~ Island sweep until death - Sergeant Ishii' s room
11. Araki's Lovers
12. Tomi's Anxiety ~ When You Stay Together with Tomi ... 
13. Forget that affair
14. Ewha's sister
15. Preparation for withdrawal ~ Eighth way Army raid!
16. Death of Tomi 
17. Withdrawal from Shogun's Tomb
18. Accident of Araki 
19. Battle
20. The meaning of the gang group 
21. Eighth Route Army Invasion 
22. Assault!
23. Death / Death Cumulative
24. Gobo named Bobai
25. M5A trumpet
26. M7 trumpet
27. M26 Army flag trumpet


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