Mark Verbos, techno veteran, New Yorker by way of Milwaukee, and owner of synthesizer manufacturer Verbos Electronics, delivers heavyweight dancefloor artillery informed by an intimate knowledge of production machinery. Devastating techno bomb "Start Up Drive" builds to a massive climax with a throbbing bassline and a meaty kick drum. "In the Back Room" kicks the tempo up a notch, featuring spaced-out synth leads floating atop syncopated percussion. "Just a Little Late" is funkier, built around a rubbery, insistent synthesizer groove. The moody, pulsing slow-burner "Walk the Distance" is a haunting listen that adds remarkable depth and complexity to the record.

Side A
01. Start Up Drive 02:00 
02. In the Back Room 02:00 

Side B
03. Just a Little Late 02:00 
04. Walk the Distance 02:00

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