The acclaimed horror drama The Witch (directed by Robert Eggers) features an amazing score by composer Mark Korven. It is finally getting the vinyl treatment that the fans have been asking for.

This vinyl release features the whole score mastered for vinyl.
With an original artwork designed by Midnight Marauder, this release features one 180 gm black and silver starbust pressed vinyl housed in a 24pts jacket.

  • Download card included.
  • 1,500 units limited edition.

Side A
1. What Went We
2. Banished
3. A Witch Stole Sam
4. Hare In The Woods
5. I Am The Witch Mercy
6. Foster The Children
7. Caleb Is Lost
8. Caleb’s Seduction
9. Caleb’s Death

Side B
1. William and Tomasin
2. Isle of Wight
3. William’s Confession
4. The Goat And The Mayhem
5. Follow The Goat
6. Witch’s Coven
7. Standish

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