"On Union Of Worlds Majeure’s A.E. Paterra locks into cosmic vibes and otherworldly ambient for a sci-fi-heavy masterpiece. Bringing together both rhythm-heavy workouts(“Physis”) and exploratory soundscapes(“Appalachian Winter Blues”), Paterra made one of Majeure’s most under-appreciated works. Simply stunning."
- J Hubner

Two Headed Dog / Bandcamp Exclusive Cosmic Splatter (Blue / Black / White in Clear Splatter) Edition of 100 in a screenprinted jacket and O-Card on metallic blue stock with an insert and download code.

A1. Overmind (06:07)
A2. Physis (04:20)
A3. Appalachian Winter Blues (09:29)
B1. Unimara (07:28)
B2. Posthuman (04:56)
B3. Union of Worlds (09:06)

All pieces composed, recorded, and mixed by A.E. Paterra @ Straylight Studios,
Pittsburgh, PA, from December 2014 - May 2015. Remixed 2021.
Mastered by James Plotkin
Artwork by Alexander Burkhart
Layout by Andrew Crawshaw for SFI Recordings

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