Since he began moonlighting from his main gig as half of sci-fi prog powerhouse ZOMBI, multi-instrumentalist A.E. PATERRA has become increasingly renowned as the mastermind behind MAJEURE. Majeure combines the dark Moog-driven film scores of Vangelis with the relentless drive of Can and the transcendent minimalism of Steve Reich and Philip Glass. The brilliant mix of live & electronic rhythms is the heart & soul of Majeure's music, and Union of Worlds is both a nod to Majeure's prior accomplishments, and a peek into a more cinematic, atmospheric world.

A1. ­Overmind (06:07)
A2. ­Physis (04:20)
A3. ­Appalachian Winter Blues (09:29)
B1. ­Unimara (07:28)
B2. ­Posthuman (04:56)
B3. ­Union of Worlds (09:06)

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