"Burning World Records is proud to present the second installment in the Lustmord vinyl re-issue series... The Monstrous Soul, originally recorded and released in 1990. The Monstrous Soul was conceived in Sheffield in 1990 by B. Lustmord and Clock DVA founder Adi Newton. First released by London label World Serpent, it followed the seminal and highly influential dark ambient album Heresy (SOL 009CD). Although the release dates were barely a year apart, The Monstrous Soul marked a turning point for Lustmord, one that mapped the future more than it mirrored the past. Much more digital magic and electronic processing was employed this time, where much of the material on Heresy utilized acoustic sound sources and traditional analog recording technologies. The Monstrous Soul dedicated itself to creating a environment of gloom in which the listener was totally enveloped by an hour long soundscape best described as a journey through a frozen hell. At the time The Monstrous Soul was recorded, the legendary B. Lustmord resided in a squat in London, near the Oval cricket ground, just around the corner from David Tibet, founder of Current 93. It takes little imagination to connect the bleak visual landscape of south London's worst slum to Lustmord's grim electronics. This wasn't simply a fantasy video game soundtrack, it truly reflected the environment from which is came." Housed in a gatefold sleeve.

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