Lou Reed—Vocal/Danny Weis—Guitar / backing vocals/Michael Fonfara—Keyboards / backing vocals/Prakash John—Bass / backing vocals/Mouse Johnson—Drums. Superb quality recording from the unique Sally Can’t Dance tour in New York & Dayton (Ohio) October 1974. Stunning photos from the tour with liner notes by Lou’s tour sound guy Robin Mayhew. High quality gatefold package in keeping with the previous releases. Broadcast master tapes mastered for vinyl. Includes radically different interpretations of classic tracks such as Waiting for the Man, Walk on the Wild Side, White Light, White Heat and Sweet Jane.The Sally Can’t Dance album was Lou’s fourth solo album but the first to be recorded in America and is also his highest charting album, reaching #10 in the US top 100. Lou toured the world in support of this album starting in Europe then Japan & Australia and finally back in the USA where this recording was made. A marked departure of his previous treatment of these songs with a much funkier vibe to the tour.

Tracks 1 - 3 Felt Forum New York Tracks 4 - 10 inclusive of medleys Dayton Ohio Line up: Danny Weis - Guitar Michael Fonfara - Keyboards Prakash John - Bass Mouse Johnson - Drums

Sound by Robin Mayhew

Side A: 1- Introduction play into 2- Sweet Jane 3- Vicious 4- Ride Sally Ride
Side B: 5- Heroin 6- Kill your Sons 7- N Y Stars
Side C: 1- Animal Language 2- Waitin' for my Man / Sally Can't Dance medley 3- Walk on the Wild Side
Side D: 4- White Light, White Heat 5- New York Conversation/Goodnight Ladies medley (return) 6- Rock 'n' Roll

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