French exoticist Baptiste Martin has been crafting fragile pastures of pan flute, field recordings, and stargazing keys as Les Halles since 2012, inspired by a formatively nostalgic night alone “watching the summer sky, thinking of all the mystery.” Previous collections on Constellation Tatsu and Noumenal Loom showcased the nuance of his signature Incan drift mode but Transient further hones his heightened passage into escapist beauty and Tascam grain. The album’s eight pieces are constructed from Amerindian flute samples diffused through lilting echo and streaked with soft-focus textures. As always with Les Halles, there is a mesmerizing mood of natural space and weightlessness – the breath of sky, clouds smeared by breeze, inner islands of peace. Few current crouched pedal-pushers channel ambient dimensions with such poise and blurry grace. Out of time meditations for a newer new age. Recorded and mixed in Lyon, January-October 2015. Mastered by Alex Nagle. Artwork and design by Dieter DurincK.

01. Hypochondria of the Heart 
02. Thresholds 
03. Roundelay 
04. Above Dust 
05. Our Way In The Flowing Sand 
06. Living 
07. Skies That Soar 
08. Transient

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