From the vaults of the golden age of slasher films comes LAKE NOWHERE, a raucous, bloody romp which resurrects the thrill of gory midnight movies for an hour-long plunge into the depths of horror. Inspired by the dusty days of VHS, LAKE NOWHERE is preceded by original trailers & commercials, replicating the experience of watching a long lost bootleg tape. When a group of friends arrive at a desolate lakeside cabin, they are stalked and murdered by a Masked Maniac, whose lust for blood transcends our world. This age-old tale of senseless slaughter quickly spirals into the realm of supernatural horror and classic monster movies, as we learn the true power that lies within LAKE NOWHERE.

Bonus Materials

  • Previously unreleased teaser trailers for 'Harvest Man
  • Behind the Scenes 'Lake Nowhere' featurette
  • Behind the Scenes featurette for trailers and commercials in the film
  • Writer / Director Commentary
  • 'Party Commentary,' featuring all 7 main actors
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