The second release from Ondes Positive’s in-house band LARVA.

Recorded live at Flatpack Film Festival [UK] in April 2016, LARVA's re-scoring of Chris Marker's 1962 Science Fiction short 'La Jetée' sets out to re-frame the film from existential romance to abyssal fugue.

The soundtrack is scored in part for a new instrument, created specifically for this project: The Glass Chroma-Harp. Based on the Glass Armonica, a classical instrument invented by Benjamin Franklin in the 18th Century, the Chroma Harp uses glass, water and analogue tape delay to create a unique multi-timbral sound which is in keeping with the film's disturbing fatalism.
The Chroma-Harp is intonated in a colour sequence rather than with scaled notes, and the player must use intuition and improvisation in their approach.


  • Vintage metal film canister with embedded USB storage device
  • High quality .WAV and .MP3 format audio files
  • 35mm film reel containing photo-strip
  • Film canister and reel both housed in custom 35mm film boxes
  • Three 10" x 8" matte photo-prints in acid-free archival envelope, created by LARVA using a 'Print-Through' re-photographic technique
  • Information sheet printed on heavyweight architect paper
  • USB extension cable
  • Links to additional audio/visual content
  • Packaged in printed storage tube
  • Hand-stamped/numbered edition of 25 copies

La Jetée [1962/2016] - 26' 48"

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