Tossico Amore is La Batteria's personal tribute to the composer Detto Mariano and the movie directed by Claudio Caligari in 1983. It is a true concept album that further expands the already rich sound tapestry of the quartet. La Batteria initially grabbed our attention with a first album that succeeded in combining the typical Italian epic sound attitude with materials coming from the wide, and often obscure, field of sound libraries and film scores. Tossico Amore is about reworking the music originally composed by Detto Mariano for Caligari's cult movie. Starting with a series of heavy themes inspired by the tough world of drugs, the music slowly transforms into full progressive-rock - that's where La Batteria effectively show their wide and multi layered background. A modern prog-rock opera that takes shape from Detto Mariano's weird musical ideas and develops them through a completely new soundscape. This is the definitive accomplishment of a band who is able to melt sonic elements from the '80s, such as new-wave and synth-pop, with materials coming from the previous decade. This is truly a new musical experience that shows how the spirit of Italian progressive music (rock, jazz, libraries, film soundtracks) can resonate between past and present. A total blast! Really!

01. M1
02. M29
03. M2
04. M3
05. M11
06. M21
07. M17
08. M35

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