Limited edition clear vinyl; Gatefold sleeve. Four years since their first self-titled release (PNY 3304CD/LP, 2015), La Batteria, one of the most brilliant Italian bands in the field of instrumental music, are back with their brand new second album. Seventy minutes of music spanning 18 tracks released on Penny Records. Against the rules of today's market and more in the '70s classic rock tradition, here is a consistent double-album carrying both the band's typical cinematic atmospheres and the four members individual experiences and personal taste. It's a sort of musical journey where different ages and genres melt together within the Roman band's unique style. Through the various tracks you can easily find the complex writing of Fonderia (the other band of members Bultrini, Vicarelli, and Pecorelli) and the peculiar rhythmic groove of Nerattini's hip-hop productions, and the endless cross-contamination coming from their common project of the Orchestra di Piazza Vittorio. Prog-rock, funk, hip-hop, classical music, electronics, Latin grooves, Italo-disco, psychedelia, and hard rock, all perfectly melt together in a fascinating new work which places the band in the great Italian tradition of music for images, luckily far from being a mere copy of an unrepeatable age. "Listening to 'Chimera' by La Batteria: authentic, cinematic, beautiful." --Barry Adamson

01. Prologo 04:19
02. Largo 03:24
03. Fuga 03:42
04. Monica Vitti 03:17
05. Dogma 04:37
06. Moviola 03:41
07. Antenna 04:05
08. Stiletto 04:09
09. Intermezzo 01:20
10. Diva 05:40
11. Affresco 04:28
12. Spirale 04:23
13. Furfante Amedeo 02:53
14. Intervallo 02:03
15. Romanzo 04:11
16. Megalopoli 03:48
17. Eldorado 03:50
18. 2170 Ultima Speranza 04:29

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