Ship to Shore PhonoCo. is proud to announce the first record in their ‘Konami Kukeiha Club Museum Series’: The Adventures of Bayou Billy. First released in 1988 for the Famicom under the title Mad City, The Adventures of Bayou Billy was released in 1989 for the NES and quickly gained a reputation as one of the system’s most challenging games. As players made their way through multiple stages, the funky, conga driven soundtrack kept driving them forward. With distinctive background music for each mode of play (beat ’em up, light gun and driving stages), Bayou Billy stands as a shining jewel in the Konami Kukeiha Club crown!

  • Available on swampy green marble 7’’ vinyl
  • Include a traditional Japanese obi strip, and a 11’’x17’’ poster by artist Austin James and liner notes by Retronauts.com’s Jeremy Parish

01. Star Demo BGM
02. Side Scroll BGM
03. 3D Wilderness BGM
04. Gun Stage BGM
05. 3D Highway BGM
06. Player Out BGM
07. Pattern Clear BGM
08. Boss BGM
09. Ending BGM
10. Game Over BGM

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