Description: Ship to Shore PhonoCo. is proud to present, for the first time on vinyl, the soundtrack to Konami’s classic shoot-em-up GRADIUS II. Further developing the sound of GRADIUS, Part II continues with the hard driving sound that the Konami Kukeiha Club became world famous for.

The A-Side of this record contains the original soundtrack to the Famicom/NES version of GRADIUS II. Where the original game’s soundtrack was a high watermark in the early days of video game music, GRADIUS II pushes the Nintendo Entertainment System’s humble audio chip to its limits, creating memorable, improvosition based tracks that listeners will be humming long after the record stops spinning.

The B-Side contains the lesser known soundtrack to the spin-off GRADIUS 2 for the MSX computer. Only released in Japan (and in Europe as NEMESIS 2), this version of the soundtrack is a completely different beast than the Famicom counterpart. Containing deep, humming synth lines that are more in line with the Konami Kukeiha Club’s arcade output. Faster and more driving than the Famicom version, GRADIUS 2 remians an absolute treat for VGM and retro synth fans.

Included with the album is a double sided insert, with one side featuring a close up of Ian Wilding’s cover artwork and the other side featuring liner notes from Retronauts’ Jeremy Parish.

  • Pressed on clear vinyl
  • Newly remastered audio, never heard outside of Japan
  • Interlocking Cover artwork
  • Liner notes by Retronatus’ Jeremy Pari

01. Equipment
03. Burning Heat
04. The Final Enemy
05. Fortress
06. Heavy Blow
07. Dead End
08. The Old Stone
09. GRADIUS Boss
10. Salamander Boss
11. Over Heat
12. Something Ghostly
13. Farewell
14. Take Care!
15. Game Over
16. Above the Horizon
17. Starting Point
18. A Journey to the Start
19. Killer Coast Land
20. A Fighter
21. A Planet of Plants
22. Red Diamond
23. Dancing Venus
24. Blazed Up
25. Frontier Disputes
26. Tears Began Gushing
27. Don't Leave Me Alone
28. Killer Love
29. Moonspin
30. Powerful Waves
31. A Dream of Dreamer
32. The War Is Over
33. Synthetic Life

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