"Second album from Klaus Schulze, originally released in 1973, now digitally remastered and with a bonus track! Original Release: 1973 - digitally remastered and with bonustrack. Klaus Schulze's second was a double album released in October 1973. Schulze fans who have yet to discover the very early stuff really should give this a listen. Usually stunning, always challenging, often preposterous, sometimes disturbing, this is Schulze at its purest. This new deluxe edition includes a 50 minute bonus track. A recording done four years after Cyborg, at the famous concert in Brussel's 'St.Michael' Cathedral on the 17th of October 1977. This audience recording is the last not yet released from this historic event, and it fits here, from the length as well from its atmosphere, because it gives the sometimes harsh avantgarde sounds of Cyborg a more 'beautiful' conclusion." [Collector Scum alert: Made In Germany is re-packaging old Klaus Schulze SPV/Revisited CDs, so this is the same content as the 2006 issue on SPV, not a newer edition]

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