Mondo, in partnership with NEON is proud to present Keegan DeWitt’s incredible score to the film GEMINI. DeWitt’s score is an incredible fusion of Synth and Jazz; the perfect sonic backdrop for the Hollywood-set modern noir. DeWitt’s understated blend of genres, at times, feels like Trip-hop, by way of a smoke-filled lounge.

  • Pressed on 180 gram black vinyl
  • Housed inside a 425gsm jacket with clear plastic housing

01. Gemini
02. Paparazzi
03. Drive
04. St. Germain
05. A Real Gun
06. K-Town Karaoke
07. What Do You Think Of Tracy?
08. Light Outside The Window
09. Morning In LA
10. No Reshoots
11. Scenes Of A Crime
12. Memory
13. Change Of Identity
14. Following A Lead
15. Phone A Friend
16. Tracy’s House
17. Something’s Not Right
18. Escape
19. #Heartheather
20. The Cabin
21. Motorcycle
22. The End

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