A cult 12″ EP from 1987 by legendary Japanese erotic actress Kaoru Kuroki, repressed for the first time on sexy picture disc vinyl.

A total of 4 tunes, including “小娘日和 (The Age Of Innocence)”; a strange synth-pop track based on an Okinawan folk song, “A Love Note For You”; an erotic poetry reading she wrote herself, “時からの誕生 (Birth From Time)”; a killer techno-pop track that could work as a hidden gem for DJs and ナタウン (Chinatown Love) 小夜曲; an erotic serenade dedicated to Chinatown.

01. 小娘日和 (The Age Of Innocence)
02. A Love Note For You
03. 時からの誕生 (Birth From Time)
04. チャイナタウン (Chinatown Love) 小夜曲

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