Joseph Bauer’s original score to one of the most brutal independent horror movies of the last five years, Deadgirl, is now available for the first time on vinyl. With music sourced from the master recordings as provided by the composer, the 12" LP will be released in a limited edition of 500 copies on 180 gram, two tone vinyl.

  • Sourced from the original master recordings provided the composer
  • Release supervised by the film’s director, Marcel Sarmiento
  • Limited edition of 500 copies
  • Pressed on 180grm, two color split vinyl

01. Deader Than Dead
02. Trunk and Bike Ride
03. Thinking About Joann Skinner
04. The Tunnels
05. Fate
06. She Can't Be Killed
07. Deadgirl Fights Back
08. I'm Here To Help You
09. Daydream
10. The Makeover Waltz
11. A Little Taste
12. The Long Walk
13. Johnny's Dead Man
14. Revenge
15. Showdown
16. JT and Rickie
17. A Big Decision
18. Joann


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