Over the 90-year history of sound film, there have been a handful of instances where a director and a composer have formed a longtime partnership that resulted in a series of classical scores, creating music that stands the test of time. None, however, have been as long or as fruitful as the 43-year collaboration of Steven Spielberg and John Williams. None have encompassed such a wide range of subject matter or, more significantly, have had such an enormous impact on worldwide popular culture.

From the ominous shark signature of Jaws to the five-note alien greeting of Close Encounters of the Third Kind; from the heroic march of Raiders of the Lost Ark to the moving themes for Schindler's List. The music Williams has written for more than two dozen Spielberg projects has not only served them brilliantly but entered the wider public consciousness.

With a record fifty Academy Award® nominations (more than any other composer) Williams has demonstrated, again and again, his ability to connect with audiences, both in the movie theater and in the concert hall. Seventeen of those nominations, and three of Williams' five Oscar® wins (Jaws, E.T. and Schindler s List) have been for Spielberg films. The sheer variety of music, the depth of compositional skill on display, the powerful emotions that it evokes, makes John Williams & Steven Spielberg: The Ultimate Collection an extraordinary accomplishment.

Both 'The Spielberg-Williams Collaboration' and 'Williams On Williams' were released on cd in the early 1990s. Earlier this year 'The Spielberg/Williams Collaboration Part III' was released on cd and digital platforms. This latest collaboration includes new recordings of selections from most of the Maestro's scores for the director since 1997.

All three albums are now pressed on vinyl for the first time, as part of this special super deluxe box-set. Williams and Spielberg fans have been waiting a long time for this exclusive vinyl box for and now it's finally here. All audio has been exclusively mastered in the cutting room for the ultimate listening experience.

This 6LP deluxe box-set has a gold foil finishing and contains an exclusive 16-page booklet with photos and liner notes. All 3 gatefold jackets are pressed on thick cardboard with matt finish and the 180 gram audiophile records are housed in anti-static polybags. 12 secret inscriptions are written in the run-out grooves of all sides. Please note this box is individually numbered, strictly limited and only available for a very short period of time.

This is truly the best work of one of America's greatest composers, inspired by the work of one of America s greatest filmmakers...

  • 180 gram audiophile black vinyl
  • 3 gatefold sleeves
  • Includes 16 page booklet with pictures and liner notes
  • Remastered for vinyl
  • Deluxe Lift Off Box-Set with gold foil finish
  • First time on vinyl
  • Extremely Limited edition, individually numbered, 1.500 copies worldwide


01. The Raiders' March (From Raiders Of The Lost Ark)
02. Theme (From Always)
03. Adventures On Earth (From E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial)

01. Theme (From Sugarland Express)
02. Theme (From Jaws)
03. Out To Sea/The Shark Cage Fugue (From Jaws)

01. Exsultate Justi (From Empire Of The Sun)
02. Parade Of The Slave Children (From Indiana Jones II)
03. Over The Moon (From E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial)
04. March (From 1941)

01. Cadillac Of The Skies (From Empire Of The Sun)
02. Scherzo For Motorcycle And Orchestra (From Indiana Jones III)
03. Excerpts (From Close Encounters Of The Third Kind)


01. Flying (From E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial)
02. Theme (From Jurassic Park)
03. Remembrances (From Schindler's List)

01. Flight To Neverland (From Hook)
02. The Battle For Hollywood (From 1941)
03. Smee's Plan (From Hook)
04. The Barrel Chase (From Jaws)

01. My Friend, The Brachiosaurus (From Jurassic Park)
02. Jim's New Life (From Empire Of The Sun)
03. The Dialogue (From Close Encounters Of The Third Kind)
04. The Lost Boys' Ballet (From Hook)

01. Theme (From Schindler's List)
02. The Basket Chase (From Raiders Of The Lost Ark)
03. The Face Of Pan (From Hook)
04. The Banquet (From Hook)


01. The Adventures Of Mutt (From Indiana Jones IV)
02. Dry Your Tears, Afrika (From Amistad)
03. The BFG (From The BFG)
04. With Malice Toward None (From Lincoln)
05. The Duel (From The Adventures Of Tintin)

01. A New Beginning (From Minority Report)
02. Escapades For Alto Saxophone And Orchestra I (From Catch Me If You Can)
03. Escapades For Alto Saxophone And Orchestra II (From Catch Me If You Can)
04. Escapades For Alto Saxophone And Orchestra III (From Catch Me If You Can)

01. Marion's Theme (From Raiders Of The Lost Ark)
02. Hymn To The Fallen (From Saving Private Ryan)
03. Dartmoor, 1912 (From War Horse)

01. Viktor's Tale (From The Terminal)
02. Prayer for Peace (From Munich)
03. Immigration and Building (From The Unfinished Journey)
04. With Malice Toward None (alternate version) (From Lincoln)

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