MONDO is pleased to present John Williams’ original soundtrack to JURASSIC PARK. One of the most iconic movie scores of all time!

  • Remastered for the 20th Anniversary of the film
  • New pressing on 180 gram GREEN Vinyl with original artwork by JC Richard

01. Opening Titles
02. Theme From Jurassic Park
03. Incident At Isla Nublar
04. Journey To The Island
05. The Raptor Attack
06. Hatching Baby Raptor
07. Welcome To Jurassic Park
08. My Friend, The Brachiosaurus
09. Dennis Steals The Embryo
10. A Tree For My Bed
11. High-Wire Stunts
12. Remembering Petticoat Lane
13. Jurassic Park Gate
14. Eye to Eye
15. T-Rex Rescue & Finale
16. End Credits

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