YOR is an ambitious mash-up of sword and sorcery, prehistoric fantasy and post-apocalyptic science fiction. Originally designed as a mini-series for Italian television, IL MONDO DI YOR was comprised of four hour-long episodes, from which the feature film version was culled. The producers of YOR initially hired composer John Scott to write a traditional orchestral score but realized they were going to need more music for the project and hired Italian composers Guido and Maurizio De Angelis to compose additional music. The De Angelis Brothers chose a musical approach that mixed pop tunes, electronic rhythms and gentle orchestral melodies, along with a theme song for the hero of the piece. Ultimately, very little of John Scott's music ended up being used in the film version of YOR and even the music composed by the De Angelis Brothers was modified, cropped and moved around in the film's final mix.

01. Yor's Theme
02. Main Title (Unused)
03. Aerial Assault
04. Death Rules This Land
05. Queen Roa
06. At The Waterfall
07. Ambushed
08. Search For Ka-Laa
09. Seaside Idyll
10. Journey To The Island
11. March Of The Overlord
12. Mysterious Island
13. The Revolution Begins
14. Reinforced
15. Final Battle/Race To The Shuttle
16. Yor's Theme (Reprise)
17. Ka-Laa's Dance
18. Flight From The Cavern
19. Get Into The Seaside
20. Roa's Death
21. The Bombed Village
22. Yor and Roa At The Waterfall
23. The Journey
24. The Final Battle
25. Hurricane
26. Fight With The Firemen
27. Yor's Memories
28. The Sacrifice Of The Fire
29. Yor's World

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