Ship to Shore PhonoCo. is very proud to present John Dixon’s score to the acclaimed animated horror film Attack of the Demons, on vinyl!

Set in a small town in 1994, an apocalyptic cult is hell-bent on releasing demons upon the world. Three friends come together, becoming demon hunters in order to save their town and each other.

Through its visually stunning paper animation, heartfelt storytelling and blood-pumping score, AOTD is quickly establishing itself as one of the most unique horror films to come out in recent years — with director Eric Power (of Path of Blood fame) emerging as one of horror’s most exciting up-and-comers.

In a sea of 80’s inspired synth scores, John Dixon truly sets himself apart with his beautiful guitar work, reminiscent of King Crimson’s Robert Fripp. He runs the gamut between raucous prog rock (on songs like “Attack of the Demons,” “Demon Invasion,” and “Cabin Assault,”) and sparse, atmospheric soundscapes (on songs like “Jeff and Kevin” and “Order of Seriph”). These emotionally charged and dynamic instrumentals bring to mind a pre-Dark Side Pink Floyd mixed with the thematic, soap opera-esque horror scores of the 1970s (think Bob Cobert’s score for Dark Shadows).

  • Limited edition pink/purple “Demon Drool” vinyl

01. Elal Meets Rodney
02. Attack of the Demons Theme
03. Jeff and Kevin
04. Rolfe
05. Stuart
06. Rodney in the Bar
07. Elal Grows
08. Demons
09. Grandma's House
10. Demons Part 2
11. Rolfe's Aquarium
12. The Mine
13. Stuart's Story
14. Cabin Attack
15. Cabin Attack Part 2
16. Everything Stops
17. The Head
18. Weak Spot
19. Game Over
20. It Worked
21. Gonna Go For It
22. Good Luck Nat!
23. Rodney's Head
24. Attack of the Demons Theme Reprise
25. Sleeping Trees [Bonus Track]

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