Sacred Bones in collaboration with Shout! Factory/Scream Factory, Sacred Bones is excited to present an online exclusive box set for John Carpenter's Big Trouble in Little China. The box set includes their new double-disc Blu-ray of the film, available as a limited edition steelbook or a collector's edition, and a 7" featuring Carpenter's 2017 recording of "Porkchop Express (Big Trouble in Little China)" b/w a new recording of "The Alley War," exclusive to this product. The 7" is on purple vinyl (limited to 1000) and on green vinyl (limited to 2500). The Blu-ray and 7" are housed in a lavish slipcase with new art by frequent Carpenter collaborator Chris Bilheimer.

Bonus Features

Disc 1:

  • NEW Audio Commentary with producer Larry Franco
  • NEW Audio Commentary with special effects artist Steve Johnson, moderated by filmmaker Anthony C. Ferrante
  • Audio Commentary with director John Carpenter and actor Kurt Russell
  • Isolated Score
  • Theatrical Trailers
  • TV Spots
  • Vintage Audio Interview with John Carpenter
  • Electronic Press Kit - interviews and profiles
  • Gag Reel
  • Music Video
  • Deleted and Extended Scenes
  • Extended Ending
  • Photo Galleries – movie stills, posters and lobby cards, publicity photos and behind-the-scenes photos

Disc 2:

  • NEW You’re the Hero – an interview with actor Dennis Dun
  • NEW The Soul of Lo Pan – an interview with actor James Hong
  • NEW Able to Be Myself – an interview with actor Donald Li
  • NEW The Tao of Thunder – an interview with actor Carter Wong
  • NEW The Tao of Rain– an interview with actor Peter Kwong
  • NEW The Hatchet Man Speaks – an interview with actor Al Leong
  • NEW Damn Wiley Prescott – an interview with writer W.D. Richter
  • NEW It Was A Western Ghost Story – an interview with writer Gary Goldman
  • NEW The Poetry of Motion – an interview with associate producer/martial arts choreographer James Lew
  • NEW Into the Mystic Night – an interview with The Coupe De Ville’s member Nick Castle
  • NEW Since We Were Kids – an interview with second unit director/The Coupe De Ville’s member Tommy Lee Wallace
  • NEW Love and Art – a conversation with movie poster artist Drew Struzan
  • Return to Little China – an interview with director John Carpenter
  • Being Jack Burton - an interview with actor Kurt Russell
  • Carpenter and I – an interview with director of photography Dean Cundey
  • Producing Big Trouble – an interview with producer Larry Franco
  • Staging Big Trouble - an interview with stuntman Jeff Imada
  • Interview with visual effects artist Richard Edlund
  • Vintage Featurette
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