"Sublime electronic underwater score from 1981 by former member of Black Sabbath. Comes with unique blank seascape sleeve with sticker sheet to make your own underwater scene sleeve. How super fucking cool is that? As underwater albums go, this is the very peak. Made using the best cutting edge synth tech of the day... the result is a sublime wash of underwater ambience, emotions and more. IT GETS NO BETTER. Since I started collecting records I have been slightly obsessed with underwater music. I could analyze this in many ways but the most obvious starting point for me was the weekly dose of Sunday afternoon TV onboard the Calypso with Jacques Cousteau throughout the 1970s. My collection of underwater LPs and singles is now extensive -- in the hundreds I reckon. But in amongst it all is only one underwater soundtrack from the UK. And this is it. It took me an age to track down Jezz, but I did. And now you don't have to take an age to track down an original super rare copy of the 1981 pressing. These days when there are so may represses, rediscoveries and reissues, I thought we'd make this stand out a little more, so I decided to take us all back to my childhood 1970s when I used to get a little 'Action Transfer' set on very special occasions, and stick the little transfers of scuba divers, fish and mini subs all over a small paper underwater landscape. Sadly we couldn't get classic rub down Letraset style transfers but I think Kev (DJ Food) has done a miraculous job in creating a modern version. So sit back (mess about with the stickers) and wonder at the beautiful, submersive electronic sounds created by Jezz all those years ago. Dive in, the water is lovely." --Jonny Trunk, 2023

A1. Wonderland In The Wilderness
A2. Nature On A Knife Edge
B1. Sunken Tombs Of The Truk Lagoon
B2. Magic Of The Dolphin

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