Leigh Whannell’s UPGRADE is an incredibly fun & inventive sci-fi action thriller & one of our favorite films in 2018. Jed Palmer’s incredible score manages to be be moody, intricate, beautiful and brutal all at the same time. Its quieter moments feature echoes of Blade Runner and Tangerine Dream and it is as comfortable being melancholic as it is being punishing and industrial in it’s more action orientated cues. A stone cold classic of 2018.

  • Pressed on Red Vinyl – Limited to 200 copies

01. Old Neighbourhood
02. Aftermath
03. The Procedure
04. The Tattoo
05. The Reprimand
06. Serk
07. Old Bones
08. We Can’t Let Them Win
09. Run Gray Run
10. Analog vs. Digital
11. Control
12. Fisk
13. Stem Is The One
14. A Better Place

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