A legendary Library music album made in 1978 by the maeastro Janko Nilovic – never repressed before!

Janko Nilovic notes: My Belgian friends invited me to record an album again. I had the pleasure of bringing André Ceccarelli with me who impressed the musicians! For the first time, the director of MP 2000 came with us which resulted in a meal at Paul’s with a menu of Champagne, oysters. And yes, the boss always had unparalleled gourmet desires! but he is also very generous. Very good memory in the presence of Belgian musicians that I love particularly. Just a note: this disc was intended to describe musically the world events, a look at the news in sum (world conflicts – wars – revolutions – social movements -food shortages – natural disasters, etc )

01. 1. Les Oiseaux Exotiques
02. Les Grands Espaces
03. Le Grand Espoir
04. Operation Survie
05. Centre Atomique
06. Aventures Sous-Marines
07. Metamorphose Des Insectes
08. La Longue Marche
09. Ballade Pour Un Dauphin
10. Water Colour
11. L'Or Noir
12. Operation Cancer

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