Having released the Predator soundtrack to great acclaim, Real Gone Music now turn to another key film in the career of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mark Lester's 1985 film Commando. Coming on the heels of the enormously successful first Terminator film, Commando showed that Schwarzenegger wasn't just a (excuse the pun) robotic ex-bodybuilder on screen but a real actor capable of playing a multifaceted character, with a real gift for comedy. Commando also heralded Schwarzenegger's arrival as the biggest action star in Hollywood, a mantle he would cement two years later with Predator. But the two films had more in common than just their leading man. They both benefited from innovative, propulsive soundtracks courtesy of, for Predator, Alan Silvestri, and, for Commando, the great James Horner, composer of scores for Avatar, Titanic, Braveheart, and too many blockbusters to name. For Commando, Horner brilliantly used the South American setting of the film as a jumping-off point, incorporating pan flute and, especially, steel drums into pulsating, suspenseful motifs. For the first-ever release of the Commando score on vinyl, we have taken the tracks that appeared on La-La Land's extended CD version-complete with three bonus cuts of music that did not appear in the movie and The Power Station's ''Someday, Somehow, Someone's Gotta Pay''-to create a double-LP set housed inside a gatefold jacket featuring production stills.

Limited edition of 1500 in bone with black face paint splatter vinyl!

01 The Trashmen/ The Agency
02 Main Title
03 The Helicopter Arrives
04 Run to the Shed and Chase
05 Matrix Captured/Jenny Tied Up
06 Into the Plane
01 Matrix Hits the Swamp
02 Matrix Walks in the Terminal
03 Matrix on the Move
04 Don't Move
05 Sully Starts to Run
01 Drive Away from the Pier
02 Matrix Breaks Lock
03 Matrix Jumps to the Floor
04 Cut to Val Verde
05 Matrix Climbs Up Bank
06 Soldier Gets Pitchfork/Matrix Runs Up Steps
01 Arius Crashes Through the Window
02 Matrix Approaches General
03 Someday, Somehow, Someone's Gotta Pay
04 Soldier Gets Pitchfork (Alternate)
05 Don't Disturb My Friend (Alternate)
06 Don't Disturb My Friend (Alternate Mix) 4/6/18 44.98 $34.59

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