There isn’t much left to say about the music composed by James Bernard for the Dracula Hammer Films. Everyone knows what we’re talking about here. This version is the definitive edition. The new revised artwork includes a rare picture of the late Maestro, taken from his estate’s private collection.

  • The complete recordings remastered from the original analog tapes
  • Master and sound restoring done by Roberto Zamori at Film Music Art Studio

01. Main Theme
02. Inside Castle Dracula / The Lure of The Vampire Woman / Dracula’s Rage
03. The Kiss of Living Death
04. Funeral in Carpathia
05. Finale Confrontation and Climax / The Fall of Dracula
06. Finale: Dracula and the Crucifix
07. The Blood of Dracula
08. Romance: The Young Lovers / Shadow of the Tomb
09. Raid to the Ruined Church
10. Romance at Dusk
11. Dracula Triumphant / Pursuit / The Death of Lucy
12. The Victory of Love

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