The sophomore offering by Moscow illusionist Ilya Ryazantcev aka Iguana Moonlight centers on a lost shaman's soul transmuted into a mythical jaguar lurking in the Amazonian unknown. As with his 2017 desert island debut, Wild Palms, the music acts as both score and summoning, remote dreaming a gradient of sights, sounds, and smells via synthesizers and field recordings.

The six songs of JAGUAR waver at the threshold of fantasy and hallucination, saturated and surreal, awash in colors not found in nature. It's a virtual reality jungle of smeared neon, steel drums, and deep bass, hyperreal fauna floating in fluorescent mist. Purist portal music at its most potent, born of and for black mirror retreats past and present.

01. J
02. A
03. G
04. U
05. A
06. R

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