A thicket of ancient weald splayed across the heavens by Celtiamerican cruelty and auspicious anger as the black metal tyranny of Ifernach tears concrete wombs from heretical cityscapes of slave scum hypocrisy. Tearing up the Canadian black metal landscape since the age of 2015, Ifernach, and the man behind it, Finian Patraic, need no introduction for the infamy that it has created over almost a decade now of blood worship and woodland heresy. Yet, this was not always the case, as now for the first time ever, the iron hand GoatowaRex is proud to announce Ifernach’s stellar debut full-length incantation, Maqtewek Nakuset, will be brought to acolytes in vinyl form.

Maqtewek Nakuset is Ifernach at its most primal, diving headlong into an orthodox soundscape of raw black metal mutiilation, wreathing those old ghosts of ancient ire and spinning a new tapestry of axe wielding mania. Constructed with a true inspiration of black metal hysteria, Maqtewek Nakuset is both true to that which inspired it, as well as providing a truly engrossing experience with each twist and turn of instrumental structures and spell configuration. Possessive synth suffering, punk thrash inflections, frosted blast beats, epic ambient sections, defiant guerilla attitude and a feast of infectious melodies—Maqtewek Nakuset is the perfect starting point for those acolytes still unfamiliar with Ifernach, as well as a reminder to those who are already familiar why Ifernach was so worthy of their worship in the first place. A black retaliation of burning souls crossing the funeral river towards the enemies upon the further shores.

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  • Japanese style tip-on jacket with OBI amd 12"x12" insert. Black vinyl limited to 200 copies.
  • Enregistré en sol gaspesien à l'hiver 2016.
  • Chant indiens tirés du film "Robe Noire"
  • Voices on B1 from the movie "Robe Noire"

A1. Enemy At The Shore 6:46
A2. Rivière Funèbre 3:53
A3. Le Talion Noir Des Âmes Brûlées 6:23
B1. Dried Jesuit 4:40
B2. Wabanahkiyik 4:19
B3. Matntmg 4:18

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