Dead of Night is a haze of retro sounding synths, with modern driving drums and nods to the horror films and grunge bands that inspired it. Full of cinematic moves and neon glow of the 80’s, there is a strong emphasis on melody from the outset that wont fail to draw you into its own night stalking universe.

“I wanted to combine my love for faster, driving drums, with the synth hooks of old films and TV shows. Sounds inspired me more than anything. Low, dark, grumbling synth, reminded me of cheap old zombie films. “ – Ian Alex Mac

If you are familiar with Burning Witches Records RSD compilation “Communion” then you have already heard what Ian Alex Mac can do to change the atmosphere and take you to another place with his track “Winona ‘88”

  • Limited edition transparent blue vinyl, with insert print and download card

01. Everybody's A Suspect 02:52
02. First Come, First Staked 02:43
03. Sayonara, Rick-san 03:16
04. Real Life Sucks Losers Dry 02:50
05. Where Evil Cannot Touch Her 02:46
06. You've...Been...BAD 03:14
07. Get Lost, Evil 03:02
08. Talk Hard 03:23
09. Whe You Grow Up Your Heart Dies 03:36
10. Nothin' Or Double 02:37
11. Goodnight, Future Boy 02:45
12. Some Kind Of Alternate Universe 02:37
13. Some Place Where Nobody Knows Me 03:10

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