Dead Calm and Zero Degrees is the follow-up to last year’s critically acclaimed album Open Sea. The surreal artwork was created by kid-ethic; the LP was mastered by James Plotkin and cut at the world renowned Abbey Road Studios. ‘Dead Calm and Zero Degrees is a refreshing blast of epic open space and industrial mechanics. Expertly crafted by Hunter Complex into a very fulfilling partner to last years 'Open Sea'.

Dead Calm and Zero Degrees is the fourth Hunter Complex album to date and the twin record to Open Sea, which was released in January 2019 on Death Waltz Originals. The tracks on Dead Calm and Zero Degrees share the same DNA because they originated around the same time and are thematically linked to the tracks on Open Sea. Closing track Star Crash ends with the melody and rain of Night City, the opening track of Open Sea.

01. Dead Calm
02. Bitter Cold
03. Steel Dynamics
04. Blue Tornado
05. Hot Streets
06. We Fly At Dawn
07. Fragile Flyers
08. June Gloom
09. Riptide
10. Star Crash

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