The realm of Hillsfar is overtaken by evil magick. Take refuge in the outlying forests in distant lands...

Rarely does an unknown demo move me enough to know that I *have* to release it, but this was definitely the case with HILLSFAR. Absolutely one of the best debuts in recent memories, Hillsfar has crafted nothing short of a master work that only gets better with repeated listenings and is sure to not leave your CD Player for a while...

Includes 2 bonus tracks!

  • CD digipack
  • Professionally replicated, high quality compact disc. Sealed copies
  • Limited to 200
  • Packaged W/ Download Card

01. The Forest of Komanthor 02:34
02. Red Plumes March 01:59
03. Plunder in Darkness 04:33
04. Dawn Breaks Upon the Towers 03:45
05. Longing in Elventree 05:50
06. Golden Light of Eventide 03:31
07. To Seek Lichdom 03:06
08. Dreams of Adventure 02:46
09. Jewel of the Moonsea 04:04

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