We are proud to present to you our long-awaited release of TWO THOUSAND MANIACS on Nov…?? It’ll be available on vinyl and cassette, contains artwork/layout by Earl Kess, liner notes by Herschell Gordon Lewis and coolest of all, 2 songs we recorded in his living room a few months before he passed away. I’ve held onto this release for a while as I didn’t feel good about releasing it close to his death. Recently though I’ve been really inspired watching his films and realize he wouldn’t want me to sit on it forever. The soundtrack to Two Thousand Maniacs has never had a complete release so we’re honored to bring it to you. Stoughton packaging, colored vinyl, bonus songs and a DL code…what more could you ask for?

01. Theme Song from 2000 Maniacs
02. Detour
03. Recurring Virtuoso Guitar Bit
04. Guests of Honor
05. It’s Almost Like Halloween
06. Waiting in the Lobby
07. Payphone
08. Roll in My Sweet Baby’s Arms
09. Blood Vengeance
10. Quartered
11. Dixie’s Land
12. Darling Corey
13. Tom’s Bright idea
14. Find your car
15. Quicksand
16. Safe at Last
17. Dixie
18. Teetering Rock
19. To the Garage
20. Old Joe Clark
21. Breathalyzer
22. Confusion
23. Mighty Peculiar
24. Theme from 2000 Maniacs (Live from Herschell's living room in 2016)
25. Old Joe Clark (Live from Herschell's living room in 2016)

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