Gruesome Twosome is the original 1967 black comedy horror film that started a whole new genre.

  • Produced and directed by Herschell Gordon Lewis; the original “Godfather of gore”
  • Part soundtrack, part radio drama, this unique experience tells the story from start to finish in about 40 minutes
  • The music spans a wide range of styles including: classical score, lo-fi garage rock, go-go music, and jazz
  • Lovingly remastered to the highest audio quality possible and limited to 666 copies on blood red vinyl

01. Talking Wigs
02. Mrs. Pringle
03. I Don't Understand
04. Opening Credits
05. Dormroom Dance Party
06. Mr. Spinsen
07. Following Mr. Spinsen
08. Bury The Bone
09. Doormroom Dance Party II
10. 66 Drive In / I Love You Terrance
11. More Beer
12. The Doors
13. Beach Party
14. Thursday
15. Better Call Her
16. 117 Elm Street
17. Ending
18. I Wanted To Buy A Wig
19. Epilogue

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