"Saturnalia sounds like looking into a crystal ball and seeing your past, present, and future all splayed out for you to contemplate and get a little woozy over. McKeown creates a patchwork of dream sequences and woozy psychedelia that range from low key groove and floating-in-space cosmic horror. “Electronic folk horror” was how it was described to me, and I gotta say I can get on board with that description. But there’s much more happening here. Moments I’m reminded of Colin Stetson’s excellent Color Out Of Space score, while other times there’s a real Tangerine Dream vibe, ala their Legend soundtrack"

J Hubner - Complex Distractions

  • Limited Edition Marble Vinyl

01. Lullabied 03:33
02. Saturnalia 04:20
03. The Drowned King 04:02
04. Bright Wave 04:02
05. The Vestal 04:20
06. Splendor Solis 03:42
07. Kama Loka 04:12
08. The Masters 04:28
09. Devechan 04:50

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