Following solo album ‘Methods of Dreaming’ and collaboration ‘Concrete Island’ with The Heartwood Institute, the mighty Hawksmoor – aka James McKeown – rapidly returns to Spun Out Of Control with a fresh dose of evocative electronica: ‘On Prescription’.

The new album is a musical representation of the side effects of ‘oncology’ – the branch of medicine concerned with the study and treatment of tumors. Its track titles are anagrams, approximations or amalgamations of real pharmaceuticals.

Written and recorded in response to the serious illness of someone close to James, On Prescription is a musical exploration of remedies that come bundled with a variety of mind and body bending side effects – uppers, downers and lose-your-mind playground-ers.

Its tracks feature McKeown’s trademark blend of electronics with live analogue instrumentation, giving the album a very warm and human heart. Aural administration through headphones in a quiet, darkened room is recommended.

  • Limited Edition Cassette - Lozenge Orange variant

01. XELODAL 02:23
02. ZOLADOR 04:15
04. CALZALEX 04:36
05. DIZAMAB 03:56
06. KOLEDRONIC 03:54
07. ABRAXZINE 04:02
08. KISQUALIN 03:06
09. HERTZUMOL 07:48

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