Mixing elements of ‘kosmische’, library records, Cliff Martinez soundtracks & pioneering electronic artists like Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze and Vangelis – in doing so delivering a ‘deep listen’ that will take you out of your surroundings and stresses for an immersive 40 minutes – Hawksmoor’s ‘Methods of Dreaming’ offers a chance to do exactly what its title suggests.

Its deliberately minimal textures have been created from an array of Moogs, soft synths, tape loops and processed guitars, with live bass lines creating rhythmic pulses. Mellifluous, flowing and ethereal, this is a launch pad for dreamscapes.

Presented as a limited edition of 180 cassettes split between two colour shells: Melted Wax Apple (clear red) or Dream Catcher (smoke effect). Artwork exclusively commissioned for this release by Eric Adrian Lee.

Hawksmoor’s James McKeown on the creation of ‘Methods of Dreaming’:

Confronted with unpredictable circumstances, my solution was to look for escape and some form of mental release.

My research unearthed a 1979 paper titled ‘Methods of Dreaming’ by Prof. R.J. Bennett of the Milton Keynes Institute for Neurological Dream Research. In it, he details his investigations into the methods of invoking dream states, lucid dreaming and harnessing dream logic. This document effectively provided a guidebook for achieving expansion of consciousness, cerebral escape and transcendence, becoming the inspiration behind the creation of this music.

  • Limited Edition Cassette - Melted Wax Apple (Clear Red)

01. Into Algeria 03:24
02. Strict Parallels 06:12
03. Methods Of Dreaming 04:27
04. La Peste 04:01
05. Paneloux 03:43
06. Aes 03:48
07. Wishbone 02:52
08. Seraphim 08:41
09. The Liminality 05:33

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