People everywhere are falling asleep and not waking up, but nobody knows why. As the scientific community struggles to find a cure, a violent, new cult known as 'the sect' emerges with a mission; to sacrifice the sleepers and achieve absolution.

One morning, Maude awakes to find her sleeping son taken by the sect in the night. Searching for answers, she infiltrates the sect posing as a new convert. But she soon finds herself facing unexpected problems when she begins to fall for a fellow member who seems different from the rest.

Will Maude find the answers she's looking for?

  • Hattie Cooke's album 'The Sleepers' on limited edition dual sided coloured cassette (green + pink).
  • Artwork once again by Eric Adrian Lee. Based on a short story by Hattie.
  • Includes download card

01. Lies 03:40
02. Evacuation 03:49
03. Run 02:45
04. Red Silk 02:54
05. Chamber 02:33
06. Safe Arms 01:49
07. Ladders 05:09
08. Riot 02:01
09. Emerging 02:11
10. Something's Watching You 02:56
11. Survival 02:29
12. Main Theme 03:14

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