Southern California carrion crawler Hasufel's third full-length is both its most atmospheric and most unholy, unfurling like clouds of cursed smoke from the mouth of a crumbling tunnel. High priest Helmut's synth throbs and fogged tomb groans lurk in the lower depths while cloaked collaborator Ryan Parrish summons serpentine wind currents on kaval and Egyptian ney, woven within subtle field recordings of dripping caverns, midnight insects, graveyard bells, and rumbling tectonics.

Like recent Chondritic Sound collection Winter On The Hill Cumorah, Lamentations is laced with Latter-day Saints malevolence, channeling a palette of dark ambient and occult ritual into eerie electro-acoustic exorcisms. Music of bewitchment and banishment, cast into shadows south of heaven.

01. Mari Todoro / The First Lamentation
02. The Cruciform
03. Compulsive Impiety
04. Tomb of Harmathogen
05. Lichens and Moss
06. Before The Sons of Perdition
07. Final Atonement

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